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SUPERSENSE BLOCK PARTY 38cm/sec, 1 tape per album 38cm/sec, 1 tape per album CHF 298.00
SUPERSENSE BLOCK PARTY 19cm/sec, 1 tape per album 19cm/sec, 1 tape per album CHF 298.00



– Live to 2 Track @ Supersense Block Party "Home Of Analogue Delicacies" is the subtitle of Supersense in Vienna - a store, bar, chamber of marvels, printing house, photo store, stage, living museum. Supersense will organize regular live concerts that will be recorded solely analogously on tapes and vinyl records (direct-to-disc recording on acetate discs).

On 13 October 2016, a special concert by Die Fantastischen Vier, the most famous hip hop music group in Germany, took place. Michi Beck, Smudo, Thomas D, Andy Ypsilon and DJ ESKEI83 met in Vienna to make a solely analogue record. Red Bull TV was present and broadcasted a 45-minute show called "Analogue in Vienna".

Two sets, 12 minutes each, were played at a block party with c. 90 guests. DJ ESKEI83 played and scratched vinyl records during the concert, which were prepared especially for this party. The concert was composed completely of the greatest hits of the last 27 years from the band history. The new single "Eines Tages" celebrated its debut as an additional performance.

The Horch House team used a Studer 961 mixer and recorded the music directly on Studer A80 ½ and Studer A812 ¼ tape recorders. ATR Master Tape was used as a tape material. No digital records were made. You might not have any deeper and more specific experience as if you attended it personally.
You may purchase these records as LP direct-to-disc recordings on acetate discs, audio tapes and audio cassettes.

To be published on CDs, a digital download and pressed vinyl were recorded on a Studer A80 Markt II 24 Track recorder with a ATR Master Tape independently of Horch House. This record was later mixed in a recording studio on a 1/2″ ATR Master Tape. This group then produced the relevant formats that were presented on the Columbia label.

Die Fantastischen Vier A-Side
Die Fantastischen Vier B-Side
Die Fantastischen Vier und Caethe

master tape order number: HH01.00.65
1 RMG SM468 Tapes on Metal Reels
38cm/sec. (15IPS)-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track

master tape order number: HH02.00.65
1 RMG SM468 Tape on Metal Reel
19cm/sec. (7.5IPS)-NAB-1/4inch-2 Track


The copying machines are refurbished STUDER A80 devices. The playback and recording levels are controlled by RTW gauges. The copy is created using a Pure Analogue process directly from a master tape of the first generation. The result is a copy in the best possible quality.

Before every recording the audio heads are demagnetised and all tape-guiding elements are cleaned.

After every tenth recording the machines are calibrated by means of monitoring devices and corrected if required. For this purpose calibrated gauges from NTI/Neutrik are applied.


  • 38 cm / sec - CCIR – 0.75mm - RMG 468 Metal coils - 1 tape per album
  • 19 cm / sec - NAB – 0.75mm - RMG 468 Metal coils - 1 tape per album

Jedes Album besteht aus StudioMaster 468 Tonbänder auf NAB Metallspulen.

Das Bandmaterial ist fabrikneu von Pyral aus Frankreich. Jedes Band folgt im optischen Design der jeweiligen Schallplattenveröffentlichung. Zusätzlich enthalten ist ein kleiner Einleger oder ein Booklet. Neben dem Produktionsdatum ist jedes Album mit einer fortlaufenden Seriennummer versehen.

Die Bänder werden erst nach Bestelleingang produziert. Die Lieferzeit beträgt zwischen 10-40 Tagen.